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John Santellano

I am a glass artist and a product of the Bullseye Glass Company in Portland.  More specifically, I am a product of the hot end/production floor of the Bullseye Glass Company.  For almost a decade, I made glass in furnaces from sand and precious earth minerals and turned it into molten glass. I consider my time at Bullseye as a paid internship.  During my years there, I learned to make, refine, manipulate, discuss, admire, and honor art glass.  From this education I created my own style and design with glass.   




I started making glass pendants before I took my first official class at Bullseye.  I use a variety of techniques, a wide variety of color, and different designs when making pendants.  As a self-proclaimed collaboration artist, I have grown exponentially as an artist and a person by learning from and working alongside other artists.  When I saw Gera's micro-macrame I immediately knew that our combined styles would look absolutely beautiful together.


Cascadian Flag Coasters


When I visited Oregon for the first time, what stood out to me the most was while I was driving over a mountain, looking at a green field with fog rolling through the Doug Firs, and above it all was a bright blue sky.  I was sold and I moved to Oregon as soon as I could.  As it turns out, that image is depicted perfectly by the Cascadian flag.  The Cascadian flag is one of the primary symbols, and an unofficial flag, of the Cascadia bioregion, which roughly encompasses the U.S. states of Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and the Canadian province of British Columbia, as well as other parts of North America's Pacific Northwest. 

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