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Laura Bowker

As a maker, my work is inspired by everything I see, feel and experience. It is a personal expression of self through creativity and a growth process through the interweaving of color, form, texture and line. The technique used in my work is glass engraving, a centuries old Italian style of grinding and sculpting called Battuto. The result is definitive lines, angles and the matte finish. Each piece is held in my hands against stone or diamond wheels to create textures – textures that vary in patterned faceting from deep grooves to very subtle lines. The end result is a tactile surface that invites touch. Since glass absorbs warmth, it is my way of drawing people in to reach out, feel the matte texture  and experience my work as the designs are infused with distinctive energy and spirit. I have a passion for glass, jewelry and metal work. My hope is that this passion is transferred to and felt by all who see my pieces. If so, then I am grateful that my passion has combined with their enjoyment and their own creative eye. It feeds the soul of many.

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