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Robert Tamis

My talents include creating bronze sculptures, fine jewelry, photography, and now glass works.

I became enchanted with glass after watching glass blowing at Icefire Glassworks in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The colors and shapes created by working with glass made me feel that I could incorporate glass into sculptured silver or gold pieces, expanding the range of what I could achieve.


Then, one day in 2006, I saw Ted Sawyer’s work of painting with glass at the Bullseye Gallery in Portland, Oregon and it transformed my vision. Working with glass, layering painted images upon painted images, I can create depth I could never achieve on canvas, as I have trouble imagining and creating a third dimension that I was able to do in sculpture.


Glass is so wonderful to work with – it is a constant mystery in motion. Depending upon the temperature one works with, colors change, they interact differently, the surface textures vary, as light hits the surface the images change, and the shapes can be molded to suit one’s imagination.

When a glass piece comes out of the kiln it is akin to viewing the wonders of life as a baby is born. Each piece created is unique, joyful, and unpredictable ... just like a baby. My works are free-flowing, abstract, and peaceful, bringing harmony to a life that once was hectic and stressful.



BS, Duke University

MD, New York University School of Medicine

Robert H. Tamis, MD

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