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Kathleen Sheard

For 41 years, Kathleen Sheard has explored the boundaries of glass. It continues to fascinate her, and it teaches her daily that limits can be overcome and new territories explored in her personal life, in her relationship with wildlife, and in her facility with her mediums.

She is a wildlife artist using glass and graphite as her mediums. Her glass pieces incorporate fused, slumped, cast, and furnace techniques. Her original drawings are part of her portfolio.

She is a member of the Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation. One of her elephant fine art pieces was chosen for the Corning Museum New Glass Review #22. Kathleen was honored by Artists for Conservation as Conservation Artist of the Month in October 2015 for her work with sea turtles and for her sea turtle artwork.

Kathleen was given the Environmental Statement Award in Sculpture from Artists for Conservation for her cast and fused piece "You're Killing Me: Oceanic Assassins - Propellers and Plastic."

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