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Teresa Kowalski

Teresa Kowalski is a glass artist from Newport, Oregon who has worked with fused glass for more than 35 years. Her Pacific Northwest glass art appears in invitational shows and gallery exhibits in Oregon, Washington, California and Florida. She designs, teaches and develops programs for educational venues from her studio in South Beach. 


Fused glass is glass art that is formed in a kiln. This process involves firing a mosaic of compatible glasses up to 1500° Fahrenheit until they fuse together. The alchemy of intense heat creates the illusion of fluidity in each unique piece. Because glass is a liquid even in its (seemingly) solid state, it has unusual versatility and shows magical qualities as the colors change with the light. 


Light filtering through transparent or translucent glass plays with our perceptions and gives a sense of depth. The reflective qualities of iridescent and dichroic glasses have a brilliance that changes with each viewing position. 


Fused glass is an extraordinary medium for the artistic expression of the water theme that runs through Teresa’s sculptures and fused glass bowls. She has found kiln formed glass to be the perfect way to use her imagination and creativity to combine color and texture into distinctive fused glass art. 

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